7 Natural Ways to Help You Sleep

In today’s world, everyone has some kind of stress due to which their sleep timing is being disturbed like you will observe in your daily life that even the younger one is facing these stressful issues. 

Everyone is having their own personal issues, which make them more stressed, and in this way, they are not aware of their health which makes them unhealthier.

Sleep is the most important factor in life because you can’t do anything without sleep? In this article, you will learn about 7 natural ways to help you sleep.

We will be discussing different natural ways which will help you to get more sleep and be healthy.

You all will be thinking that if these natural ways would have any side effects. Well, No, there are no side effects of these natural processes. In fact, these methods are very safe. 

There are many people when they get ready to sleep many worries; stress comes to their mind.

However, we have to take some serious steps to reduce these stressful nights.

We have to consume a minimal amount of caffeine which will be a hopeful solution to this problem. 

Due to this reason, many of us forgot to do some important work which has to be done more quickly.

So we all have these kinds of problems, but we don’t take these factors seriously, which later on can create some serious problems for us.

Some Basic Rule:

  1. No Caffeine after 12 p.m.
  2. Zero intakes of alcohol.
  3. Avoid screens before going to bed.
  4. Make sure to switch off all the lights.
  5. Regular exercise. 

1. Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender Essential Oil

A dab of lavender essential oil by my wrist and temples. 

To make yourself more comfortable and relax, you have to apply this lavender essential oil that smells very soothing.

When they are applied, there is a strong indication that it’s time for relaxation. And to make sure that all the stress and worries are just forgotten for this specific time interval.

2. Breath through the left Nostrils:

The name indicates that you have to breathe through the left nostrils, making you a more relaxed and peaceful sleep. 

In this process, you have to place the thumb on the right nose and press it; then,n you have to breathe through your left nostril about 26 times (Recommended).

In all over this process, while breathing, you have to make your mind relax and trying to forget all the worries.

3. Try some Yoga:

Try some Yoga

While going to bed, try to do some stretches which make you more relax.

As many of us don’t do exercise alone because we get bored sometimes for this, we have got a partner to be more useful and the exercise become more helpful. 

Everyone got a girlfriend, and many of them forget their stress and worries because there is an amazing understanding between them, and they call their cute nickname for girlfriend, which makes them happier.

4. Meditate:

Meditation makes the person more relaxed, as many of us using a different kind of meditation no matter what kind of using it. All of them make us more relax and have a peaceful sleep.

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5. Take a low dose of melatonin:

It isn’t that good, but to take some amount of melatonin which active the hormones that regulate sleep. So to get better sleep, a small amount of those won’t cause any serious issues.

6. Do the Breathing Exercise:

Do the Breathing Exercise

While lying the bed in a comfortable position, we have to do these simple breathing exercises:

  • Breathe for 4 seconds.
  • Hold breathe for 7 seconds.
  • Breathe slowly out for 8 seconds.

One of the best methods for mind and body relaxation is using this method to find a peaceful sleep which makes your mind more relax.

7. Do a Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

Focusing on each section of the body is:

  • Shoulders and arms.
  • Chest and abs.
  • Hips and butt.
  • Back.
  • Legs and feet.

With a sequence, we have to make the whole body more relaxed and get more useful sleep.

When the tensed muscle is being relaxed, we will feel the relaxation of the body from top to bottom.

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