How Sun Rays Can Affect Your Skin

There is a strong relationship between the sun and skin.

For the reason that here we are going to explain to you as to how sun rays can affect your skin.

To begin with, the sun’s UVA, UVB rays as well as HEVIS light rays can affect your skin if you will remain constantly exposed to them.

Furthermore, it is just in the moderation amount that sunlight is productive for you.

It is just because of the overexposure factor that you eventually damage your skin at the surface level.

Moreover, this overexposure damages your skin at a cellular level as well. Here we are going to examine the effects which the sun rays project on our skin.

Types of Rays Coming From The Sun:

Rays Coming From The Sun

Most importantly, we have this visible light coming from the sun.

It comprises 50% of the sunlight spectrum. It is the light that is easily and quickly noticed by the human eye. In addition, we have these UV rays.

These ultraviolet rays are simply invisible and fail to get detected by the human eye. It is in three forms that ultraviolet light usually appears. They are ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, then we have ultraviolet C.

Besides, infrared light does come from the sun too. These rays encompassed a longer wavelength aspect.

In What Ways The Sun Rays Damage Your Skin?

Most noteworthy, it is in a variety number of ways that the sun’s rays damage your skin.

Though sunlight is good for us but on a condition if it is received in a moderation amount. Thus, constant exposure to the sun rays will give you sunburn and photoaging issues.

Moreover, you may experience premature skin aging issues. Overexposure to sun rays may result in hyperpigmentation problems. As an example of visible skin damage because of the sun’s rays.

It is seen that most of individuals face and experience sun allergies. Hence, the list of negative effects of constant sun exposure, can go and on. These rays can even damage your DNA completely at a cellular level.

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How UVB Rays Damage and Negatively Affect Your Skin?

UVB Rays Damage and Negatively Affect Your Skin

Beyond, it is true that UVB rays drastically affect and damage your skin.

These rays fail to travel deeply into your skin layers when compared with the UVA rays.

On the other hand, they manage to penetrate deeply at least into your outermost skin layer which is the epidermis layer. Furthermore, they give instant damage to your skin in the form of sunburn.

They make your skin look thick on a temporary basis.

Moreover, it is these UVB rays that are directly and immediately absorbed by your cellular DNA. And thus this absorption process causes a large number of skin diseases in you.

Most importantly, some of the noticeable skin diseases are caused by these UVB rays. They are actinic keratosis as well as skin cancer. Lastly, these rays can manage to induce and induct hyperpigmentation in you.

Damage Given By UVA Rays To Your Skin:

Damage Given By UVA Rays To Your Skin

Also, a severe amount of damage is given by these UVA rays.

Besides, these UVA rays have the ability to penetrate much and quite deeply into your skin layers.

It is in the deepest layers of your skin that this penetration process gets goes on and on. Beyond, UVA rays damage your dermis layer which is your deepest skin layer.

They stimulate and activate the production of free radicals. And thus this stimulation process causes oxidative stress in your body. Moreover, your DNA gets damage indirectly because of the presence of oxidative stress.

Even more, these UVA rays are highly and strongly associated with premature skin aging issues. You may get sun allergies and sunspots.

Overall Negative Effects of Sunlight To Skin:

Overall Negative Effects of Sunlight To Skin


Firstly, it is this sunburn issue. it is one of the most common forms when we talk about sun damage.

In addition, sunburn is mainly and generally caused by UVB rays. You eventually get red and sore skin. Or you can say you may get blistering skin.

Premature Aging:

Then we have this premature aging problem which has become a highly common issue these days. When your DNA is damaged directly because of the UVB rays, then you develop fine lines, aging lines, and wrinkles on your face.

Your skin looks sagging as well.

These UVA rays, as well as HEVIS light, also trigger and oxidative stress in you. Thus, these free radicals give a lot of stress to your skin cells. And at the same time, break down your elastin and collagen. Consequently, wrinkles start to form and your skin gradually loses its volume.

Sun Allergies:

It is proved and researched that almost 80% of skin allergies are caused, triggered, and activated by the UVA rays.

And the rest of the 20% are triggered due to genetic factors.

Most probably, it is observed that the sun rays instantly react with these specific allergic areas of your skin. And manage to produce rashes.

How Sun Rays are Beneficial For Your Skin?

Sun Rays are Beneficial For Your Skin

However, it is completely known that interaction with the sunlight can lift up your mood.

It compensates for your vitamin D deficiency. And these rays manage to take you out from the seasonal affective disorder which is SAD

A Crucial Source of Vitamin D:

No doubt that sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D.

By staying under the sunlight for a minimum of time will give you many health benefits.

Most certainly, your bones will get healthy. And the risk of falling in the depression zone will get reduced.

Mood Enhancing Factor:

The sun’s rays can enhance your mood as well.

Most noteworthy, when your body will get exposed to the sun’s rays.

Then serotonin production carrying out in your brain will get positively affected. Furthermore, serotonin is one of the powerful brain chemicals which lift and enhance your mood.

Thus, average contact with the sun’s rays is strongly associated with happy feelings and a happy mood.


To summarize, this is how the sun’s rays pose negative damage and positive projection to your skin.

Share with us how often you remain exposed in front of the sun ways and what results in your experience on a day-to-day basis!

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