How to Use Rice as Anti-Aging Face Mask to Look Younger – A Complete Guide

No one wants to look elder. As about all the people living on this planet wants to look more beautiful and younger.

Both the male and the female want to get younger more and more. I know most people have used different kinds of methods so that they may look younger.

How many of you have spent hundreds of dollars to buy the anti-aging product? Well, most of you have bought anti-aging products.

Does it make a difference to your skin and looks? Well, I don’t think so that they may have given you a 100% result.

There are many different home remedies through which you may look younger.

Yes, you heard it right there are many other different ways to make your skin look younger and more beautiful.

Use Rice Anti-Aging Face Mask:

Use Rice Anti-Aging Face Mask

As we all know that technology is being advanced with the passage of time. And people are progressing very fast. So how will you find the right process to make yourself younger?

Well, let’s give you some information about these remedies. You people may or may not know about the fact that the Japanese have made very huge progress especially in this kind of thing.

Today’s all the Japanese things are in very great demand. Similarly, the process which we will be discussing today in this article is implemented first by Japanese women.

Yes, you heard it right. This article will be very useful for those who want to look younger and beautiful.

Are you the one who also wants to look beautiful and younger? Well, I think yes you are the one who wants to look younger.

The method for the anti-aging which we will be discussing today is “Use of rice as an anti-aging mask to look younger”.

Yes, this is one of the best economical ways to make yourself younger.

Well, you may think that how is it possible to have the rice anti-aging mask for yourself? Yes, it is possible to have a mask of rice that will help you to look younger.


You have to be careful while reading the article because it contains real information that will really help you out to look younger.

So take your notebook in your hands and write the important point that you consider is very much important.

What Items are Needed?

What Items are Needed

There are several items that you will need to have when you are preparing the rice mask for yourself.

You have to use that kind of ingredient which has antioxidant properties. Yes, you heard it right.

Like rice is being marked as the ingredient which people use for the skin to make it smooth and more beautiful.

Here is the list of the items that you will need for making the mask.

  • Boiled Rice:

While boiling, if you don’t mind note that we won’t toss anything from the cooker as even the water utilized will likewise be significant toward the finish of this methodology.

  • Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil is an amazing moisturizer that mends got dried out skin.

It is likewise an incredible anti-aging fixing. It battles free radicals and lifts collagen generation and subsequently, keeps our skin sound and energetic.

Additionally, nutrient E oil is useful in treating sunburn and it likewise helps stamps and spots, therefore, giving you perfect, brilliant, immaculate, and more youthful-looking skin.

  • Honey:

Utilize regular honey for this procedure. Besides rice, honey likewise gives a lot of advantages to the skin as it is used to fix pimples, skin inflammation, and irritation successfully.

Blended with different fixings, it tends to be made as a hydrating salve that saturates the skin.

  • Milk:

Milk has a lot and commitment to make your skin smooth and delicate too. Furthermore, in this procedure, it is blended with rice and honey for included esteem and adequacy.

There has been a variety of common and natural ways acquainted all together with make our skin look more youthful and smoother.

Despite the fact that a large portion of us depend on the numerous sorts of magnificence items and against maturing medicines accessible in the market, normal strategies still assume a fundamental job and demonstrated to be an exceptionally compelling option.

That incorporates eating the correct sustenance and utilizing normal fixings, advantageously found in the market or accessible in your home to make your own natively constructed facial medicines.

The incredible thing about this is you can make certain that it is 100% protected and free of synthetics that can be additionally harmful to your skin. Furthermore, it is demonstrated to have no symptoms as well.

Japanese ladies wear to utilize this handcrafted characteristic skin treatment to stay away from untimely maturing.

Furthermore, it is truly apparent as they likely have the smoothest, most wonderful, and energetic skin on the planet.

But before discussing the procedure you first know about the point that you have to highlight.

Yes, these points are very much important to consider before knowing about the steps.

You may consider that it the fundamental part of this article, let’s have a look at these points.

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Apply the Mask Regularly:

As we probably are aware, having delightful skin isn’t a simple procedure as it requires time, exertion, and tolerance since like some other strategies, it requires some serious energy.

Indeed, even with demonstrated powerful medications like this one, consistency and customary use are required to accomplish wanted outcomes.

Rice Water is Also Important:

Rice Water is Also Important

While rice is made as a facial cover fixing and is stacked with skin benefits, the rice water has its own arrangement of uses as well.

It is wealthy in nutrients, minerals, and amino acids that are powerful cancer prevention agents to the skin.

Used it For Other Purposes:

You can keep the water from the boiled rice in the icebox for a limit of four days, and use it as a substitute toner or face salve.

In the meantime, you can likewise make some ice cube from it and rub it in your face for a facial back rub or other skin icing medicines.

Here you go! It’s time to discuss the basic steps of the rice mask that will really help you out to make the skin look younger.

You have to follow these steps in a sequence so that the result will be 100%.

Make sure that you have noted that each and everyone steps clearly.

Step #1:

Cook likeness a few tablespoons of rice for 2 minutes. Whenever bubbled, separate the rice from the water where it was cooked.

While we will utilize the rice for the cover, store the water for later use.

Presently set up the rice alongside the other two fixings, which are the nectar and milk, and continue to the following stage.

Step #2:

Mix one tablespoon of nectar, and a few tablespoons of milk in the rice. Blend and pound to frame glue.

You may step by step add a tablespoon of milk to make the glue smoother.

You have to mix it until it gets finer.

Step #3:

The last but not least step is applying the blend to your face. Before you do, if you don’t mind ensure your face is perfect, dry, and free of any dampness.

While applying, delicately rub it to your face for two minutes.

Layer the blend all over to ensure it is completely secured, and your skin is retaining every one of the supplements from it. At that point let it dry for roughly 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Whenever dried, wash and flush it utilizing the rice water. Pat your skin dry with a spotless fabric.

For best outcomes, do this procedure in any event once per week and you will be astounded with the outcomes?


Here are the steps through which you can easily get the younger looks.

Well as we have mentioned above that you should carefully read the full article carefully.

Because it contains the procedure which you have to follow it carefully for the better results.

The above mention three steps are very much important to make it highlight.

As through these 3 steps you can easily make the mask from the rice and another ingredient which are important in it.

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