Nose Contouring Tricks For Every Type Of Nose – Complete List

Nose contouring is one of the handy and smart makeup tricks which will eventually help you to get a perfect nose shape for yourself.

This trick will give you a shapely nose and you process this technique by making use of a sculpting powder or you can use a foundation or concealer which is 1-2 shades darker than that of your skin tone.

No doubt while doing full face makeup, contouring your nose is one of the essential steps.

Here we have the different techniques for you which will help you in making and transforming your nose to look thinner, shorter or longer, or straighter.

We are sure these nose contouring tricks which are made for every type of nose will help you immensely, so check out the complete list and details right now.

How to Contour a Flat Nose?

Way to Contour An Irregular

If you do have a flat nose, then you will normally and usually see that the bridge of your nose appears to be flat or somewhat undefined.

For Those girls who have this kind of nose shape, it is important for them to bring a more detailed definition to their nose.

They need to create the illusion as if they have a sculpted kind of nose bone structure. You need to contour in two complete straight lines on either side of your nose bridge.

Contouring Triangle Noses:

On the other hand, if you are one of the girls who have triangle noses then they might have observed that their nose is much and extremely wider at the nostrils.

While contouring, you should try to create and make a balance by only contouring the tip of your nose.

Then you can apply the highlighter completely under the inner sections and corners of your eyebrows.

How to Contour a Crooked Nose?

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If you fall in the category of having a crooked nose, then note that there is a set and specific way to contour such a nose shape.

We have seen that crooked noses appear and always look uneven or you can say slightly slanted.

With the help of contouring, you can correct and amend its shape.

What you need to do is to contour a straight line on both of the sides of the bridge and then you have to apply a highlighter all in the middle section of your nose.

Contouring a Bulbous Nose:

Contouring a bulbous nose is quiet and extremely easy.

Such a nose shape comprises a thin bridge as well as wide-set nostrils.

You can correct this nose shape by contouring the very top section and also the bottom area of your nose. After that, you can apply the highlighter exactly in the center of the bridge.

Way to Contour An Irregular Nose?

Contour An Irregular Nose

Those girls who think that having an irregular nose destroys their makeup look then it is time that they should follow this contouring trick on their nose.

It is observed that irregular noses carry and accompany a small indentation just on one side of the center section of the bridge.

In order to correct this area which is mainly and specifically indented, you simply have to apply the highlighter.

Contouring a Heavy Nose:

There is another smart trick that will shape your heavy nose and it is easy to follow as well.

This kind of nose shape is featured and encompassed with a heavy and prominent brow.

This prominent brow usually creates and makes a shadow exactly over the bridge section of your nose.

It is recommended to apply a highlighter all in a triangle shape as well as between your eyebrows so that you can visually lift and shape this nose area up.

How to Contour a Narrow Nose?

How to Contour a Narrow Nose

The last nose type is this narrow nose.

Such a kind of nose comprises and contains a thin narrow bridge.

You can simply add some thickness to the nose bridge of yours by applying a highlighter in two straight lines.

How to Make Your Nose Look A Little Thinner РContouring Trick for You: 

Firstly, you have to draw two lines in a downward position and towards side sections of your nose.

You can be using an angled eyeshadow brush so that you can easily draw these contour lines. Start with the brow bone and then you can go all the way to the ending section of your nose.

You have to keep the contouring lines light so that you can build them up perfectly later on.
Now start to highlight the bridge section of your nose.

You should be choosing the highlighter which is 1-2 shades lighter as compared to the shade of your natural skin tone.

It is in a thin line form that you should lightly and seamlessly apply this highlighting product.

Start from the top section of your nose and move down to the ball area of your nose.

Tip to Make Your Nose Look A Little Shorter:

Tip to Make Your Nose Look A Little Shorter

While doing such kind of contouring in which you need to make your nose a little shorter, firstly, you have to darken the tip section of your nose. You can apply a darker shade, it can be a little matte bronzer or you can apply any dark eyeshadow.

It is on the curve section between your nostrils that this application process should be done.
Now the next step is to apply a highlighter.

You have to perform this highlighter application step on the bridge part of your nose.

Do stop highlighting as soon you reach halfway down. You will notice that applying a highlighter just halfway down will give you and the other person illusion that you have a shorter nose.

Moreover, it is on a simultaneous basis that you can transform and correct your nose to look thinner as well as shorter. You can do that by applying to shade down to the side sections of your nose and also on the tip part.

Steps to Make Your Nose Slightly Longer:

If you wish to make your nose slightly longer, then there is a particular contouring trick which you can opt for. Firstly, start to contour from your brow bone. This is from here that you need to start shading and make perfect contour lines.

These contour lines are only going to be made at the curve section of the brow bone. This job can be perfectly done if you will use an angled brush. Continue this contouring in the form of a straight line.

Try to create the line of highlighters a little bit longer.

Lastly, the final step to make your nose appear and look longer is to apply a highlighter completely all the way down to the bridge area of your nose and then reaching to the tip.

It will be great if you will extend this application of highlighter all and completely up between your eyebrows.

Tips and Simple Contouring Ways to Make Your Nose Look Perfectly Straighter:

Tips and Simple Contouring Ways to Make Your Nose Look Perfectly Straighter

With respect to the case of making your nose straighter, firstly, it is essential for you to apply a contouring product. Perform this step by using a small angled brush and start to contour from your eyebrows.

You need to draw two straight lines in a downward direction.

Use a contouring powder and make sure to pick up the shade which is 1-2 shades darker than that of your actual and real skin tone shade. As soon as you draw two straight lines, then you have to connect them at the bottom section and between your nostrils.

In other words, make a downward arrow kind of line.

Now, you can start blending out the harsh lines.

You can do that by holding a fluffy shadow brush.

You can only perform this contouring job perfectly if you will be able to blend all of the shaded lines seamlessly. What you need to do is to concentrate on the outside section of the lines.

Finally, you can highlight the high points and areas on your nose.

Do that by using a high-quality highlighting powder or you can also use a brightening concealer.

You have to draw and make a very fine line exactly and properly between the center section of your eyebrows and then gradually moving to the bridge area of the nose.

Keep on blending as well as dab both of the sides of your nose. Dab your nostrils area too. This is the basic and simple guide of making and contouring your nose to turn straighter.

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If you have understood this guide then you are all ready and set to contour your nose.

Do understand and know about your nose type and then do the contouring of it accordingly.

Share with us your nose contouring tips and tricks as well. Lastly, you should avoid applying foundation or powder which is way darker than your skin tone.

This wrong selection of powder or foundation shade will make and turn your contouring look completely unnatural.

More easy tricks and simple tips with respect to contouring and highlighting your nose are coming up so stay tuned.

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