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Socio-economics in the Basin: Human Development Indicators:

Gender Inequality


Gender Inequality

Gender disparities are among the deepest and most pervasive of all inequalities, and are reflected in inequalities from the household level to the national level. Women are under-represented in government and local political structures, and generally have less control over household resources, access to information and health care than men. Higher mortality rates among girls and woman points to structural inequalities in nutrition, healthcare, and status.

Gender Inequality Index

The “gender inequality index” is a composite measure reflecting inequality in achievement between men and women in three dimensions: reproductive health, empowerment and the labour market.

Source:UN HDR 2011
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Maternal Mortality

A very important indicator for gender inequality highlighting the position of women in families and in health care is maternal mortality(per 100.000 life births). The rising figures in South Africa obviously, need thorough analysis followed by appropriate measures.

Source:UNHDR 2011
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